Perch Fishing

Most fisherpersons would never think that a remote fly-in lake in the far north of Ontario's vast wilderness would produce some of the best Perch fishing imaginable.

Most times people would be correct in thinking this but Brace Lake is a huge exception. We have awesome fishing for big Jumbo Perch. In actual fact, you can catch Perch that are the size of small Walleyes and since you are allowed to bring home 50 with a sport license and 25 with a conservation license, it's a great way to feed your friends and family at the fish fry.

Perch in Brace Lake are most common in the 10 to 12-inch range. Larger Perch in the 14 inch range are not uncommon. Usually once a Perch reaches 13 inches the body of the fish grows thicker across the back and thicker through the stomach. As a result a Perch that is 13 or 14 inches can weight 2 or 3 times that of a 12-inch Perch. Length is not a true indication of size when it comes to Perch.

The lakes north of Nakina have the very best Walleye and Pike fishing in the world. It's an endless gauntlet of teeth for the Perch so they tend to be very predictable as far as location. The Walleyes like to sit off rocky points and narrows between islands or river-mouths where minnows are migrating. When you find this type of spot that also has some weed cover then you will find massive populations of Perch because they eat what the Walleyes eat but shy away from being out in open water and tend to stay close to weed cover. If you are catching Walleye after Walleye and notice weeds, then that's where the Perch are.

Some of our customers have caught lots of Perch and Walleye in the same spots. If that is the case; move right into the weeds and you will get even more Perch. You do not want to miss a minute of prime Walleye fishing so we suggest fish for Walleye until 11:00 am and when they have that mid-afternoon slow-down, start going for Perch. Guests have reported catching 100 Perch in an afternoon. Always have a second Pike rod ready to go with a weedless spoon or spinnerbait because catching Perch one after another will attract the attention of a big Northern Pike.